Growing Natives Garden Tour 2010

Cline-Frey Garden (5 photos)

Garden #51, San Jose


Showcase Features: Wild-life-friendly, do-it-yourself garden that shows how to transition toward all natives while trying to keep out invasive plants from adjoining open space.

Other Garden Attractions: The front yard has a woodland feel, shaded by tall evergreens, with a mature, tree-sized coffeeberry behind a small mound as a focal point. Permeable paths lead through mixed plantings of creeping ceanothus, manzanita, Pacific iris and many other natives. Native honeysuckle and morning glory climb a trellis. You may spot some of the many birds, lizards and insects that frequent the property. Along the property line the homeowners have planted native shrubs and grasses to keep out invasive weeds that grow on adjoining water district land.

Gardening for Wildlife: A birdbath and water are available for birds and other animals, with plants chosen for food and shelter for wildlife. Alligator & fence lizards, many species of birds including various songbirds, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, turkeys, owls, and raptors, skunks, coyotes, deer, opossum, raccoon, small rodents, moles, foxes, feral cats, and many butterflies visit the property.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 10

Garden Size: 600 sq ft

Designer: Homeowner
Installer: Homeowner

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format.

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