Growing Natives Garden Tour 2010

5th Street Garden (3 photos)

Garden #40, San Jose


Showcase Features: The distinctively landscaped parking strip stands out in a sea of lawn, pointing the way to a bird-friendly native garden.

Other Garden Attractions: This garden is a year-round hummingbird haven. The focal point is a striking mature Western redbud. The native plants are chosen for their wildlife habitat value: coffeeberry, island alumroot, ceanothus, coyote mint, and native grasses. The wide parking strip is planted with ceanothus and deeergrass. The non-native shrubs (correa and aloe) earn their keep with their hummingbird-attracting flowers in winter when natives are not flowering.

Gardening for Wildlife: Trees and shrubs provide food and shelter for many types of birds.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 6

Garden Size: 1500 sq ft.

Designer: Stephanie Curtis, Curtis Horticulture
Installer: Curtis Horticulture

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format.

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