Growing Natives Garden Tour 2010

Rubis Drive Garden (4 photos)

Garden #28, Sunnyvale


Showcase Features: This professionally designed, newly installed, small front yard showcases a native garden under the dappled shade of a mature ash tree. A meandering path of mariposa slate guide visitors through the garden to the front entrance of the home. Cal stone pavers provide extra drainage on the the lower half of the driveway.

Other Garden Attractions: Island snapdragon accents the trunk of the ash tree. An evergreen carpenteria hedge flanking the edge of the front yard's deck will develop into a privacy screen as the shrubs mature. The right side of the path is lined with a coffeeberry hedge that is accented by the true native Carex tumulicola. On the left side of the path, pink-flowering currant, vine maple, Oregon grape, western sword fern, island alum root and Douglas iris enjoy the dappled shade.

Gardening for Wildlife: Once the garden matures, it will provide berries, pollen and nectar as a food source, and the native shrubs offer shelter for visiting wildlife.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 1600 sq ft

Designer: Sherri Osaka, Sustainable Landscaping Designs
Installer: Stephanie Curtis, Curtis Horticulture

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format (from year 2009).

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