Growing Natives Garden Tour 2012

North Hillsborough Garden (11 photos)

Garden #1, Hillsborough


Showcase Features: This large property, formerly a dated, weed-infested suburban yard, is now a vibrant wildlife-welcoming habitat garden. Rock retaining walls and a mix of chaparral shrubs stabilize the sloped front yard. It is a tapestry of textures and scents despite occasional pruning by deer.

Other Garden Attractions: The back garden features a large native meadow of mixed native grasses, bordered by native and non-native wildflowers. There is an area with fruit trees and raised beds for vegetables. More native ornamental plants have been added to beds originally planted with non-natives.

Gardening for Wildlife: Many songbirds, jays, hawks, butterflies and other insects, lizards, as well as deer now visit the garden.

Plants Available: On tour day, California Nativescapes will conduct a plant sale at this garden. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Going Native Garden Tour. Please pay with cash or check.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 6

Garden Size: 21,780 sq. ft

Designer: Middlebrook Gardens (front); California Nativescapes (back)

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