Growing Natives Garden Tour 2013

Andy & Kim Scott Garden (5 photos)

Garden #16, Los Altos


Showcase Features: This large garden shows how a determined owner together with a skilled designer can create a small paradise even in difficult conditions. The steep, large lot includes mature species of valley oak and California black oak, and the owners filled in the whole area with appropriate habitat plants.

Other Garden Attractions: In spring and summer, the garden is a small paradise for humans and pollinators alike. Several beautiful ceanothus, perennials such as Salvia spatacea and Artemesia douglasiana, grasses such as Festuca californica, and annual wildflowers including poppies and clarkias make the hill come alive with color. But even in the dry season, the pretty little patio and play area are welcome spots for the kids and adults to hang out. A special feature of the garden is a green wall. Designed and installed a few years ago, the green wall is both functional - serving as a retaining wall - and beautiful, with California natives and succulents being planted in succession.

Gardening for Wildlife: Natural gardening techniques including minimize hardscapes (concrete patios, decks), mulching with leaves, and including plants attracting beneficial insects make this garden attractive to wildlife. Many birds and butterflies enjoy the food, shelter, and water that the garden provides.

Garden Talk: Vertical Landscaping (no specific time set; Geoff Coffey, the designer of the garden, will be on site all day).

Plants Available: On tour day, Bay Natives Nursery will conduct a plant sale at this garden. 20% of the proceeds will benefit the Going Native Garden Tour. Please pay with cash or check.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 5

Garden Size: 6300 sq.ft.

Designer: Geoff Coffey of Madrono Landscape Design Studio
Installer: Madrono Landscape Design Studio

Plant list: In preparation, will be linked later...

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