Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

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Garden #48, San Jose


Showcase Features: This spacious front yard has been re-planted in 2014 with an eye-catching assortment of CA native shrubs, sedges, and grasses. Meadow and coastal sage scrub are the two primary communities represented in this garden. Numerous salvias and buckwheats grow in the sunny part of the front yard along with several low ceanothuses and verbena lilacina. Flowering currants, alumroot and ferns find home in the part shade under canopies of mature trees that were retained from the previously existing lanndscape.

Other Garden Attractions: The rainwater run-off is directed into a swale in front of the porch.

Gardening for Wildlife: Mature trees provide nesting for birds, and a small recirculating fountain provides them with water. Squirrels and lizards were also seen in the yard. Milkweeds were planted to attract butterflies.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 1

Garden Size: 4000 sq. ft

Designer: Alan Hackler, Bay Maples
Installer: Alan Hackler, Bay Maples

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