Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

Redwood City Water Conservation Demonstration Garden (9 photos)

Garden #5, Redwood City


While this garden is open all year round, visiting it during the tour day provides an opportunity to ask the docents about any particularly interesting plants or features.

Address: 1400 Broadway, Redwood City (click the address to show it on a map).

Directions: From Hwy 101, take exit 408 for Woodside Rd/CA-84 West. Turn right onto Broadway; the destination will be the first driveway on the right.

Showcase Features: The Redwood City Parks Department and volunteers converted this area from turf to a native garden. The volunteers had attended the "How to convert turf to a water efficient landscape" workshop, and the result of their work is a garden that's educational, supports wildlife, and uses a lot less water. The garden uses pop-up MP Rotators, which are run twice a week for 5 minutes; occasional watering by hand is done only if needed. This shows how lush and green a native garden can look with just a little bit of extra water and diligent maintenance.

Other Garden Attractions: A meandering path allows visitors to appreciate different plant families. One area showcases ceanothus such as Diamond Heights and Yankee Point. Another area includes several native buckwheats including St. Catherine's lace, rosy buckwheat, and sulfur buckwheat. Low-growing sages including Tierra seca and Bee's Bliss are attractive green ground covers. Monkey flower and a non-native autumn sage add a pop of color year round.

Gardening for Wildlife: Newts, hummingbirds, finches, robins, and butterflies such as the Monarch gladly visit this beautiful garden.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 4

Garden Size: 5,000 sq ft

Designer: Deva Luna
Installer: Redwood City Parks Dept and Volunteers

Plant list: In preparation, will be linked later...

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