Why Do I Need To Register?


Why Do You Need My Email?

We need it for several reasons:

  1. Sometimes a garden is withdrawn from the tour just before the tour day. We need to be able to notify you if this happens.

  2. Your email identifies you as a registered participant in the tour and acts as a password with which to access the garden addresses (next year we’ll also add an optional ability for you to use a secret password as well).

  3. We need to be able to notify you if you complete the post-tour survey and win a prize.

Why Don’t You Just Post All Garden Addresses For Everyone To See?

To protect the owners privacy, we only allow the registered users to see the garden information. Otherwise, web-crawling software would be able to see and store that information for indeterminate period of time.

The addresses of private gardens are also taken off our website after the tour, to reduce the chance that some particularly crafty automated search engine might find some way to access the private information.

Except for the addresses and maps, all other garden information remains available on our website after the tour for your viewing.