Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Agnes' Garden (8 photos)

Garden #14, Mountain View


Showcase Features: This expansive front garden, designed and installed by the owners, includes a curved gravel path and wooden fence with a gate, at once separating the inner garden from the front and welcoming visitors. Many native annuals including lupine and clarkia are predominant in the front, while perennials such as penstemon, pitcher sage, and buckwheats provide year-round color behind the fence. Bunch grasses, California bush anemone, and several giant buckwheat round out the picture.

Other Garden Attractions: The owner removed lawn and installed berms and replaced non-native bushes with suitable natives, and worked with the city to replace street trees with native oaks. A sculptural agave from the southwest adds a designed element.

Gardening for Wildlife: A wildlife paradise in the middle of suburbia is uplifting and fun to experience for everyone who walks by. Many different birds including towhees, junkos, chickadees, doves, and mallard ducks, as well as squirrels and even salamander visit this garden.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 7

Garden Size: 2,100 sq. ft

Designer: Mader Green & Homeowner
Installer: Garden Taskforce & Homeowner

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