Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Falling Leaf (5 photos)

Garden #13, Mountain View


Showcase Features: The original overgrown and high-water use garden did not meet the owner's needs for an ecological landscape that featured low-maintenance plants. Sherri Osaka created a totally new landscape that includes side and backyard patios and many native plants. The lot now feels larger, with several distinct zones for outside enjoyment. The owners are especially impressed how well the native plants were arranged to enhance the geometric forms, spaces, and materials of the modern style house.

Other Garden Attractions: In front of the house, a low wall hides a sitting area and bubbling fountain, surrounded by native bunch grasses. Coyote mind, California fuchsia and other native provide color and attract insects almost year round. A hedge of bush anemone, not quite grown, will be a welcome screen soon. In the back, strawberry groundcover and a small lawn offer restful green to the visitors sitting near the barbecue. Iris, wild lilac, and other flowering native plants round out the picture.

Gardening for Wildlife: The sound of the fountain attracts birds, and plant choices and pesticide free garden practices contribute to making this a wildlife haven.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 1

Garden Size: 5,800 sq. ft

Designer: Sherri Osaka, Sustainable Landscape Designs
Installer: Rick Camin, Camin Landscaping

Plant list: In preparation, will be linked later...

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