How do I Change My Registration?

Starting in 2011, you are able to access all the information you provided during the registration process and modify it. We have re-designed the site to make it easier to use and reduce the need for assistance from our webmasters.

The bottom line is that you’re in control of everything about your registration.


To access the page that lets you change your registration information, you need to either:

  1. use the Registered Visitor Page link right here or anywhere else it appears on our web pages, enter the email you used for registration, then click the button that says “Continue - I am registered already,” or

  2. use the personal link received in the confirmation email (if you use the link, you don’t have to enter your email).

Either of the above will take you to your personal Visitor Page where all your information will be displayed, ready for modification. Modify anything you need to modify, then click the “Submit the changes” button. You will see a page that says Update Completed.

Important: the changes become effective only after you see the Update Completed page. Remember to click the “Submit the changes” button after making any changes described below.

How do I change my email?

On the Visitor Page, click the checkbox next to the line that says: “Change my email address”, then replace your old address with the new one. Enter the same new address in both fields that display your old address.

I registered, but cannot attend this year. What should I do?

On the Visitor Page, click the checkbox next to the line that starts with: “Suspend my registration and notifications...
This will suspend the registration and any notification emails that would be sent to you this year.

How do I change the number of people on my registration?

On the Visitor Page, enter the corrected number next to the line that says: “Number of people in your party.

How do I cancel my registration forever?

On the Visitor Page, follow the instruction at the bottom of that page. You will need to un-check the boxes that would ask us to send you email notifications, and check three boxes confirming the cancellation. You don’t have to change your email to blank, we will erase it once the cancellation is submitted. See also our Privacy Policy page.