Where Are The Addresses of the Gardens?

Here’s an illustrated guide explaining how to find the gardens’ addresses (this is also described on the How Does the Tour Work? page, but without pictures).


About two weeks before the tour, all garden addresses are available to registered participants. To obtain the addresses, click this link on the GNGT home page:

On the page that will open after you clicked the above link, enter the email address that you used for the tour (the one in the picture is just an example; use your own email address in its place):

Click the button that says “Retrieve Tour Materials”:

The page that will open after you clicked the above button tells you how to proceed; be sure to read it if you want to prepare a customized list of addresses of only those gardens you want to visit. You can also scroll all the way down, where the following buttons will be found on the left; clicking either of them will produce a complete list of all gardens on the tour (but note that on Sunday, only the Sunday gardens will be found). The PDF-formatted list is somewhat nicer to read, but will use more paper to print than the HTML-formatted list.

On the same page, there are two more buttons that will open maps for each day. These maps also contain all the addresses; you can use them to plan the exact route for each day, using standard Google™ map tools. Note that on Sunday, the map from Saturday will not be accessible any more.

Finally, on the same page, there is a button that switches on a “Full Information Mode” for garden preview pages. In this mode, every garden’s preview page has a link to Google™ map of just that garden. You can also mark some gardens as favorites and later print addresses of just these gardens.